Paige Burks

Paige Burks

(816) 421-6620



“Justice is helping those who cannot or do not have the capacity to help themselves.”


Paige Burks is one the reasons why Walters Renwick Richards Skeens & Vaughan, P.C., can deliver such life-changing results for our clients.


As a legal assistant to Fred Walters and Kip Richards, Paige primarily works on second mortgage class action cases, making sure clients, calendars, courts, and attorneys are up to date and up to speed.  She’s a committed team player and valued contributor to every case she works on, because she knows, as do we, that it takes more than one person to do what we do and be great at it.


Born in New Orleans and raised in Louisiana and Oklahoma, Paige has been proud to call Kansas City her hometown since 1994. Outside of the office, she leads her home team—her husband and two children—to different kinds of victories.


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