Class Actions

We try big class action cases, with life-changing results.

The trial attorneys at Walters Renwick Richards Skeens & Vaughan, P.C., have a proven track record in class action litigation, both locally and nationally, for plaintiffs and defendants. We use our experience on both sides of the docket to anticipate and respond to strategies of opposing counsel.


In the past seven years alone, that experience has served our clients well, allowing us to recover more than $725 million in class action cases.


No matter the wrong, we make it right.

Class actions are lawsuits where individuals and businesses harmed by big corporations can protect their own rights as well as the rights of others who have suffered similar harm.


A class action allows one or more of those injured by a corporation’s unfair acts to pursue claims on behalf of everyone affected.  This benefits everyone who has been injured because they don’t have to file separate lawsuits to pursue their claims.


For individual consumers, WBSV attorneys have filed class actions for predatory lending practices, the sale of defective products, false advertising, the failure to pay overtime wages, and other unfair or misleading acts and practices in the sale of products or services.


For small or medium-sized businesses, we’ve filed class actions for misleading billing practices, antitrust, and collusive conduct in the market, just to name a few examples.


Proven trial lawyers. Proven results.

While many law firms handle class action cases, few have taken a class action to jury trial.  That’s not what you’ll find at Walters Renwick Richards Skeens & Vaughan.


At WRRSV, our trial attorneys’ class action skills are complemented by many years of jury trial experience. When settlements aren’t reasonable, we don’t hesitate to leverage our trial experience, even in a class action case.


Our reputation and our results have earned us the trust of our colleagues: many of our class action clients are referred to us by other attorneys.


We don’t get paid unless you get paid.

WRRSV takes class action cases on a contingency fee basis. We get paid only if a settlement fund is obtained or a judgment is collected.  Even then, the court must review all legal fees and expenses to make sure they are reasonable.


Class Action Cases

We are proud of the results—and the justice—we have been able to achieve for our clients in class action litigation.


Predatory Lending and Mortgage Fraud

$104 Million Jury Verdict – Steven and Ruth Mitchell, et al. v. Residential Funding Corporation, et al. (Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri at Kansas City)


$92 Million Settlement – DeAnthony Thomas and Susan Jelinek-Thomas, et al. v. U.S. Bank National Association ND and U.S. Bank National Association (Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri at Independence)


$68.3 Million Settlement – Jack L. and Hilda M. Beaver, et al. v. U.S. Bank National Association and Wilmington Trust Company (Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri at Independence)


Read about more of our cases and results.


Our trial attorneys represent many types of class actions, including:

  • Breach of Credit Card Security and Privacy
  • Consumer Protection
  • Hidden and Undisclosed Fees or Charges in Consumer Contracts
  • Lender Liability
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Wage and Hour (FSLA) Failure to Pay over Time


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