Proven trial lawyers. Life-changing results.

WRRSV has a proven track record, locally and nationally, for plaintiffs and defendants. WRRSV has won more than $749 million since 2007 alone, a figure that has changed lives and transformed business practices.


“Tremendous experience that translates into results.”

Sherry Russell

No matter the wrong, we make it right.

Our trial attorneys devote our extensive courtroom experience to bring justice and win life-changing verdicts for our clients.


“They care immensely about their clients and work tirelessly to provide the highest quality experienced legal services.”

Matt Masilionis

Small firm. National reputation.

Over our 29-year history, the lawyers at WRRSV have conducted hundreds of jury trials, bench trials, and arbitrations in jurisdictions all over the United States, enjoying a local and national reputation for professional integrity, innovative thinking, and proven results.


“The lawyers at WRRSV don’t miss anything and they don’t back down. They are bull dogs.”

Ed Jones

Stand-up lawyers. High-stakes cases.

With more than 325 combined years of litigation and trial experience, our trial lawyers won’t hesitate to take a case to trial when a reasonable settlement is not possible.


“The lawyers at WRRSV go to bat for the little guy.”

Bill Murray

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