$2.1 Million Settlement in Electric Shock Injury Case

March 6, 2013

The WRRSV team of David Skeens and Kip Richards obtained a $2.1 million settlement for our client, a Clay County, Missouri homeowner, who dug into an underground 7,200-volt power line that had not been marked by a locating and marking company. Our client suffered electrical shock injuries, including a fractured neck, permanent numbness in his hands and feet, permanent back pain, personality and psychological changes, cognitive impairment, memory loss and other severe injuries. Because many of these injuries were subjective in nature, we conducted a “mock trial” of the case before three different jury panels and reported the results to counsel for the defense. The case settled the following week. Mr. Skeens was quoted in Missouri Lawyers Weekly (February 25, 2013) as saying, “My client outwardly looked fine. But by presenting him live to the mock jurors, they heard him speak about his damages and got a true sense of how emotionally damaged he was.”

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