Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Cases

The personal injury lawyers at Walters Renwick Richards Skeens & Vaughan, P.C. help those who have been injured or whose loved ones have died because of the negligence of others.


Jacques v. First House LLC, et al. Case No. 30-2012-00558098-CU-PO-CJC

After a three week trial in Orange County California, a WRRSV trial team led by David Skeens achieved a $10.25 million jury verdict in the death of a 20-year-old Missouri man who died due to the negligence of a drug and alcohol facility while he was seeking help for his alcohol abuse and eating disorder.  That verdict was affirmed on appeal. In this same matter, WRRSV negotiated a $3.7 million dollar settlement with a co-defendant.


Doe v. Johnson County Park & Recreation District, et al., No. 0516-CV-23636 and Doe v. Lexington Insurance Company

WRRSV achieved a life-changing recovery for a young girl who was sexually abused by her swim coach. While the underlying facts are horrific, the result was extraordinary. The trial of the underlying claim against those responsible for supervision of the minor and the perpetrator resulted in a judgment on behalf of the minor for $5,040,000. When the insurance companies refused to pay the judgment, WRRSV vigorously pursued claims against the carriers for coverage and insurance bad faith.  The firm ultimately recovered over $11.5 million for the victim, in addition to a confidential settlement from another insurer.  The recovery was ranked 13th in the top plaintiff wins in 2012.


Goodwin v. J.C. Harmon High School and Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education USD 500

WRRSV represented a student who was sexually assaulted by another student. The students’ school had prior warning about and knew of the aggressor’s proclivities, yet failed to take any corrective action prior to the attack. Claims were made against those responsible for supervision of the perpetrator and protection of the minor plaintiff. The case was resolved before trial due to the hard work of counsel and the agreement of the defendants.  At the request of the insurance company, that settlement is confidential.


Jane Doe v. TLC for Children and Families, Inc. and Godwin

WRRSV represented a minor who was sexually abused by an employee while in a rehabilitation facility for abused and wayward youth.  WRRSV brought suit for negligent hiring and retention against the child rehabilitation center. After significant but difficult discovery and investigation, the firm obtained a monetary settlement for the minor, which the defendant and its insurer requested remain confidential. The policies of the center were reviewed and evaluated for the future benefit of their children.


Pistora v. Clough 

WRRSV represented a patient who received a devastating injury to his brain stem caused by a failed stereotactic radiosurgery procedure.  The firm obtained a large confidential settlement, although unfortunately, no amount of money could undo the damage to the client’s brain stem.



In a case where a doctor failed to recognize symptoms of infection, ultimately resulting in a child’s death, WRRSV obtained a confidential settlement.  The clients used the money to set up fund in honor of their child.  Notably, the hospital agreed to change its procedures to prevent similar deaths in the future.


Thomas v. Graham, Tebben & Olathe Medical Services 

WRRSV prosecuted the wrongful death of a four-year-old boy resulting from improper infusion of IV fluids.  The child, who was suffering from dehydration, was killed when improper solutions and fluid amounts were infused. WRRSV obtained a confidential settlement for the boy’s family in what became the largest damage claim of its kind under Kansas law.



WRRSV represented a construction company owner who suffered a severe electrical shock while planting trees in his own yard when he hit a 7,200 volt power line that a utility marking crew had negligently failed to mark. WRRSV obtained a great settlement for the client who, at the age of 39, suffered life-altering permanent physical and emotional injuries.


Quiton and Mitchell v. Packaging Technologies, Inc.

WRRSV obtained significant worker’s compensation and confidential third party recoveries for two workers who suffered severe burn injuries after a propane explosion and fire in the manufacturing plant where they were employed.


Whitham v. Flight Safety International, Inc. 

WRRSV obtained a confidential settlement in litigation stemming from the negligent training and licensing of a pilot in this wrongful death case arising from the crash of an MU 300 Mitsubishi jet.


Hurd v. Brown Brothers 

WRRSV represented the surviving children and spouse of one of five Kansas City freighters killed in a massive explosion as they arrived on the scene to contain a fire. The incident and case gained local and national attention at the time, given the facts leading up to the fire, the explosives used, and the ultimate loss of life. Suit was brought against a number of defendants, including the construction company that housed the explosives on-site and the explosive manufacturer itself. The tractor trailers that contained the thousands of pounds of explosive material were unmarked and not properly identified as required by law. These failures, among others, caused the firefighters to literally walk into an unknown “death trap” as they approached the fire. Through the work of WBSV, it was established that the entire incident could have been avoided and that the defendants engaged in pattern of negligence that created an ultra-hazardous condition. The case was settled before trial for a significant confidential sum. A portion of the proceeds were structured for very young children so that their educational and living expenses could be taken care of in the future.


Sutton v. Mid-Cities Motor Freight, et al. 

WRRSV successfully represented a mother in a personal injury and wrongful death claim against a trucking company for a highway collision in a work zone, which left her husband and infant son dead.  Defendants included the trucking company, the highway construction company, the sign and maintenance company, and the Kansas Department of Transportation. The case resulted in a multimillion dollar settlement.


Finley v. Barrett 

After a small boy suffered a life-altering, permanent closed head injury from a head-on automobile collision, WRRSV represented his family against the other driver who had been traveling on the wrong side of the road.  WRRSV was able to obtain a favorable confidential settlement, which will take care of the child financially for life.


Lunn v. Union Pacific Railroad

In this personal injury and wrongful death case, WRRSV represented two disabled children who lost their father in a tragic railroad crossing accident.  Their father was severely burned at the scene and ultimately died from the injuries.  The proceeds from the third party and workers’ compensation recoveries provided financial security for his children and the funds were placed for their protection in Special Needs trusts.


Hollomon-Jaskinia v. M-H Apartment Company, L.P.

In this personal injury case, WRRSV brought claims on behalf of a client arising from an assault in an apartment at an apartment complex.  The victim suffered near-fatal injuries when she was attacked in her apartment, and the apartment management company entered into a confidential settlement of her claims of negligent maintenance shortly before the scheduled trial date.


Burkhart v Pflow et al.

WRRSV represented a worker who fell backwards down an open elevator shaft after the locking device on the door malfunctioned.  The client sustained substantial injuries, including a permanent closed head injury.  At the request of the defendants, the amount of recovery is confidential.


Locke v. Wal-Mart

When the cleaning solution used on the floor of a Wal-Mart store created a unsafe condition, causing an elderly lady to fall and break her hip, Wal-Mart refused to make any settlement offer.  After a week-long trial, the jury awarded $600,000 in favor of the injured client and her spouse.


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